Ann Neal writes:



My Favorite Card:

Wm. Ayres & Sons, Phila.

“I find it very hard to pick a favorite card
as there are so many truly terrific examples…
however, sometimes one gets a chance to combine interests.


I have had a love affair with horses my entire life (much to my hubby’s dismay) and as a result, I will seek out trade cards pertaining to equines.
These types of cards show the importance of the horse in transportation, commerce, farming, and even entertainment.
I not only like the 5/A Horse Blankets card because of the subject matter,
but also because it seems somewhat unusual.


With and Without Trade Card
“5/A Blankets WEAR Like This. / Imitations TEAR Like This.”
The reverse of this horse trade card
shows another colorful picture  (With / Without style)
touting the quality of the product instead of just verbiage.”

(The stylish 5/A blanket wears well.  The ugly imitation wears out… into rags.)

                                                                                               — Collector Ann Neal, New York

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