“Old” Published Articles

Too Good To Lose

This page portal will give readers and researchers access to a growing repository of old ATCQ published stories.

Article: Nellie Bly

One of the first articles now in our archives comes from a journal back issue feature on the historical figure and famous “Trade Card Celebrity” from the 1800’s —  journalist Nellie Bly. Click her image above to read.

Race & Ethnic History

Ethnic stereotyping and racial bigotry are “on the record” in 19th century business and product trade advertising.  Much has been written on the subject, and some of it will be reproduced on these pages.

Home & Hearth

Antique household products are highly collectible, from cast iron kitchen appliances and  packaged foods to farm implements and overstuffed chairs.  The ads for these products can be more interesting than the plows and chairs themselves.  Read on.

Stories of the  TCCA

The above photo appeared in the first ATCQ journal: Spring, 1994.   More about Russ, Evie, Ben, Jay, and other TCCA “pioneer” members will log here.