19th Century Advertising Trade Cards


Victorian Advertising Trade Cards provide unique “snapshots” of 19th Century history and life.

This “TOPICS” section includes a growing library of articles covering every kind of THEME from gender roles and ethnic stereotypes to 1800’s celebrities, fads, sports, and entertainment.

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Collectors of Antique and Vintage items of everything from bottles and tins to sewing machines and farm equipment turn to Victorian Advertising Trade Cards to learn more about the historic treasures they collect.  Product cards from the 1800’s provide incredible information and make for valuable “go-withs”  for collectors.

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Fun & Fabulous Vintage PostCards!

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Victorian Advertising Trade Cards Trending on eBay:


*Cure-All Bottle Quack Med’s


Randall Harrow Farm Draft Horse Nice 1800's Warrior Mower Advertising Trade Card*Farm & Rural Life


Thomas Edison Robot Automaton Steampunk 1893 Worlds Fair Uncle Sam Victorian Card Hub GoreShoe* Patriotic Themes


* Before/After, etc.

Everything / General

19th Century Indian Wars Warrior runs out of Cowboy Boot from United States Cavalry Soldiers at War Wild West Expansion Wagon Train Master* Household, Ethnic, etc.



A lot is happening today in the world of Victorian Advertising Trade Card collecting.  Major ephemera and 19th Century advertising collections are hitting the market, with rare and important 1800’s cards selling at record prices.  Follow this column for the buzz on people and breaking news in the card collecting community.

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