Bottled Products

Bottles… Medicines & Booze

Medicinal products prior to the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 often contained potent herbs and drugs including morphine, opium, and cannabis.  They also were also typically so high in alcohol content — especial when it came to medicinal bitters — that there was little difference between a whiskey and a remedy!


Randall Harrow Farm Draft Horse Nice 1800's Warrior Mower Advertising Trade Card

Farm Products

Plows, Grinders, and Binders…

Innovations in farm machinery revolutionized the working of the land and 19th Century farmer’s ability to put food on the table… both for his own family, and the world.


Baby Milk 1800's Highland Brand Condensed Cream Tin Can Advertising Trade Card Teacup

Food Products

Buying & Baking to Set the Table

Pre-Cooked Meat in Tins, Condensed Milk in Jars, Crackers in Boxes, and Spices in Bottles… 19th century consumers could suddenly buy all of these and more from their local grocery store.  Innovations in processing and packaging food revolutionized the practices of the Victorian kitchen and dining room table.


Antique Enterprise Raisin Seeder Grape Grinder Victorian Advertising Trade Card

Home & Hearth

Household Chores & Leisure

Pianos and Organs, Sweepers and Grinders… no respectable Victorian household would be complete without them!


Maple City Soap Bar Washtub Soapbox Monmouth IL Victorian Advertising Trade Card

Cleaning Products

Soap, Laundry, Washing, etc.

We will add more as time permits!


Carl Dunder Brown Cigar 19th Century Tobacco Card Detroit School Teacher Children

Tobacco Products

Cigars, Pipes, Chewing Tobacco, etc.

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