Spoiler Alert:

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison and trade card collector Dave Cheadle.
Dave Cheadle negotiates over patent medicine calendar cards with Las Vegas celebrity Pawn Star, Rick Harrison.

Pawn Stars – –

Season 15, Episode 25

1900 Calendar Cards Sell on History Channel for $950… Wholesale Price.

Pawn Stars – – Season 15, Episode 25

For those who caught Pawn Stars on April 23, 2018, a set of Antikamnia calendar cards was purchased by History Channel celebrity proprietor Rick Harrison for just shy of $1,ooo.

Rick commented something to the effect of:

      “I’ve now got the material for the next Stephen King novel.”

Rick indicated that he would frame the set, and then hang it on the Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop wall.  With a hefty mark-up on the price, of course.

Immediately after the show’s airing, there was a “run” on Antikanmia calendar cards on ebay, with a half dozen or so individual card pages promptly selling for $160 to $275 each.


Dave and Rick close their Antikamnia Calendar $950 deal at the Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop… with a handshake… and a nearly $1,000 cash payout.

Apparently, the producers of the show figured those creepy Pawn Stars Antikamnia skeleton images would provide a brand of haunting humor most folks would find hard to resist. 

Same as over a century ago.  

Enough said.  Good Collecting, as always!  – Dave Cheadle

Antikanmia Skeleton Calendar Card from History Channel Pawn Stars
One Antikanmia Skeleton Calendar Card from the turn-of-the-century series. This 1899 example features a Dutch-German Beer Drinker, complete with his stein and Meerschaum pipe.

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